With the primary elections underway, it feels as though we’ve already leaped headfirst into the New Year.

But here at In The Fray, we are still learning lessons from the past. When we publish a new issue each month, we cannot help but recall the standards set by our previously published stories.

This month’s issue of In The Fray pays homage to our 2007 accomplishments with the republication of some of the best stories we published last year. Each assignment editor selected the best story from her respective section of the magazine, with an eye toward writing or visuals that exceeded expectations and raised the bar for ITF.

Here are the stories our editors considered the bestexamples of our work from 2007:

THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS: Michelle Chen‘s Cornerless City

IMAGINE: Birgitta Jonsdottir’s Journal of the Ladybug

INTERACT: Megan Hauser’s Bad Eyewear Can Mark a Child

COLUMNS: Jacqueline Barba’s Back to Basics

IDENTIFY: Erin Marie Daly‘s We All Want Love to Win Out. But Whose?

IMAGE: Beth Rooney’s Strange Shore

Thank you to all of the contributors who have raised the bar for In The Fray and to all of the readers who gave us inspiration and support in 2007. We look forward to bringing you even better work in the year ahead.

Happy 2008!

Laura Nathan

Buffalo, New York

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