Monthly archive March, 2005

A time to reflect?

In the local Sydney paper over the weekend, the op-ed column was headed “A time for reflection,” which I thought was nice except that the world would probably be in a much better place if we took time to reflect for the…

Fifteen minutes of fame for pharmacists in America

Note to Americans: make sure you find out whether your local pharmacy agrees to fill the prescription you think you’ll need before you need it. Articles in …

Quote of note

“I do not know whether I am an adult or a child...All I do is eat and sleep, eat and sleep.” — Majok, a Sudanese youth who was brutalized and castrated as a child, and who is now a freed slave. Majok does no…

The Boiling Point

Respect for life.

Secret Asian Man

Convenient racial outrage.

Spies in the classroom

The terrorist attacks of 9/11 sent shivers of horror, disbelief, and indignation throughout America, and the American intelligence community was forced to face the tears and recrimination of the nation. Now America has…

How language can sink a nation

George Lakoff, professor of cognitive science and linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley, has figured out how “what was considered extreme just a decade ago [has become] national policy.” And he’s written…

The Boiling Point

Good news!

Secret Asian Man

The stereotypes strike back.

Living Africa

Getting a firsthand look at child soldiers on a visit to Africa is harder than it sounds.

Media indecency

Dear Michael, before you step down, why not consider an amendment to the FCC’s definition of profane …

Quote of note

“My children don’t see role models in their lives: mayors, factory managers, postal workers, business owners. So we’re setting up a place to show our unique culture, our unique society.” — Marvin T. Miller,…