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Overheard on the subway, part 5

Evening rush hour on the 2 train: A middle-aged woman dashes between the closing doors and trips over a seated man's foot.

From the department of redundancy department

There is a beautiful mansion near my apartment which is on the National Historic Register. Built in 1900 for William Childs (developer of Bon Ami cleaning powders), it sits on the grand avenue of once-private residences directly across from the park.

Missed connections

Some years ago, a co-worker had accompanied a friend as moral support to a band audition. My co-worker, M, saw a lovely-looking guy exiting the audition room with a saxophone. She worked up the nerve to introduce herself and they chatted about random things: the weather, the L train, the Beatles vs. the Stones, and then the friend was called to perform. During the hubbub, they went their separate ways and never exchanged phone numbers. This is not an unusual story, except for what happens next.

Boxers or briefs?

Yesterday marked the "Ninth Annual No Pants Subway Ride," wherein thousands of exhibitionist New Yorkers got down to their skivvies and boarded the subway.

The only thing we have to fear…

New Yorkers have very specific fears that don’t necessarily translate to other parts of the country. But for some people, the paranoia gets the better of them.


Move over, Project Runway

The MSG Network (For non-locals, that's Madison Square Garden, not the bad stuff in Chinese take-out.) is conducting the most real reality show around. It's called NYC Soundtracks.

Seeing double

Q. What do you get when you combine 10 sets of twins, random New Yorkers, and the 6 train?

You are so cute

"Don't worry. It's okay."

But I am worried. This guy keeps inching closer to me. My first instinct was that he was going to pickpocket me. I clutched my bag tighter and tighter to my chest.

Brother, can you spare a swipe?

In the year 10 BDC (Before Debit Cards) I had visited a friend in the Midwest. I was living in Atlanta and decided that, rather than paying to park at Hartsfield Airport, I could stretch my meager budget by taking the oft-laughed-at MARTA train. (Motto: "Ride MARTA, it's SMARTA." Laugh all you want, MARTA drops you off inside the airport terminal, unlike NYC, where none of the three airports can say that.)

Get your history geek on

Get your history geek on

Everyone around here is hooked on a website posting old photos of the good ol' days.


Overheard on the subway, part 4

Guy #1: that's why our ancestors ran from animals, unless they were going to eat them.

Destination: 7 train


When I lived in the suburbs after college, as soon as we girls acquired more furniture than a beanbag chair and a rickety stool, we hosted supper clubs. One of the more favorite versions of the supper club was the progressive dinner party in which the festivities move to a different person's apartment for each course of the meal.