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I am writing to ask you for your support. For twelve years, In The Fray has published stories that further our understanding of other people and encourage empathy and compassion. The staff work hard — for me and others, on a strictly volunteer basis — to bring you original reporting, photo essays, personal narratives, and reviews that we think are timely and compelling on a global scale.

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For me, In The Fray is a labor of love. Over twelve years, it’s been one of the greatest satisfactions in my life to edit and mentor dozens of writers and artists, learn more about countries and places I’ve never been to, and pass along to our readers insightful and moving stories about real people — stories that challenge them to think differently about the world. Just this past year, we published:

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Harvard sociologist and National Medal of Science recipient William Julius Wilson (who just donated himself) has said that In The Fray is at “the front lines where identity and community are undergoing tremendous flux, climbing into the trenches to give a voice to often invisible movers and shakers, or just plain strugglers.”

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Victor Tan Chen is In The Fray‘s editor in chief and the author of Cut Loose: Jobless and Hopeless in an Unfair Economy. Site: | Facebook | Twitter: @victortanchen

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