In The Fray Magazine | Call for Submissions | December 2012: Rivalries

Every one of us has had a rival at one point in our lives: siblings, classmates, coworkers, even strangers. At a national level, we’ve just witnessed a bitterly fought U.S. presidential election, but some of the most iconic rivalries have little to do with politics. Yankees and Red Sox. Microsoft and Apple. Vampires and werewolves. Leno and Letterman.

This month, In The Fray wants your stories of rivalries. Tell us about the spirit of competition and how these experiences led to an unexpected revelation. Show us the ways that rivalries make people better — and the ways they make people worse. As usual, we are open to stories that deal with the topic broadly construed, and in a variety of approaches: profiles, interviews, reportage, personal essays, op-eds, travel writing, photo essays, artwork, videos, multimedia projects, and review essays of books, film, music, and art.

If interested, please email with a well-developed, one-paragraph pitch for your proposed piece as soon as possible — along with three links to your previous work — NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 15, 2012. All contributors are urged to review our submissions guidelines at

We are also looking for artists, photographers, and writers who can take care of specific assignments, including book and film reviews, interviews, and accompanying photos and artwork. If interested, please follow the instructions at the bottom of to join our contributors’ mailing list.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Editors of In The Fray Magazine

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