It is hard to believe that another year has come and gone, and harder that I’m writing and believing such clichés. I used to think that only old people marveled at how quickly years passed, and now I find myself doing it as well. I suppose it is the way of the world.

2011 will bring many changes for ITF. We’re getting ready to unveil a new site design, and will be welcoming several new staff members in the coming months.

Looking back on 2010, we featured a lot of great pieces, but here’s a few of what we thought was our best:


‘Dance in the River of Dreams’ and Other Poems, by Larry Jaffe

Yellow River Journalism, by Caitlin E. Schultz

Making History Out of Footnotes, by Jillian York

Haiti, Before the Ground Shook, by Gergana Koleva

Toasting Poe, by Cynthia Pelayo


Thank you very much to all of our readers! Best wishes in 2011!


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