According to the AP, the UN has voiced its concerns over the ban, calling it "discriminatory":

"U.N. human rights chief Navi Pillay said Sunday's referendum to outlaw the construction of minarets in Switzerland was the product of 'anti-foreigner scare-mongering.'

The criticism from Pillay, whose office is based in the Swiss city of Geneva, comes after an outcry from Muslim countries, Switzerland's European neighbors and human rights watchdogs since 57.5 percent of the Swiss population ratified the ban."

But the strong support for a minaret ban in Switzerland shows that the international community overwhelmingly against the ban is missing something. SiwssInfo says

"The party (right-wing Swiss People's Party) said the outcome of the minaret ballot showed that Swiss voters did not want parallel societies and special rights.

'Our laws apply to everybody. We have to control immigration. Those who break the law have to leave the country,' a statement said."

Isn't it time to start discussing openly and freely how to integrate various religious and ethnic groups in countries that welcome immigrants from around the world, rather than focusing on cosmetic procedures like the minaret ban? Where is the discussion and debate on why Muslims might feel compelled to live in a parallel society in Switzerland and elsewhere?

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