Moving on. We all do at some point, often reluctantly. In this issue of InTheFray, we offer four perspectives on the timelessness of age, four flashbacks of a world that was and insights on the world that is.

ITF Travel Editor Michelle Caswell begins with advice on where not to spend your 30th birthday — unless, of course, you need A bad day in Cambodia to realize that aging isn’t half bad compared to living under the Khmer Rouge’s brutal regime. Speaking of getting older, ITF Contributing Writer Rhian Kohashi O’Rourke discovers that a woman with a head of white hair is not nearly as obsolete as young women fretting over that dreaded First gray hair seem to think.

We then turn to ITF Copy Chief Erin Marie Daly, who finds what has been lost in the world of digital music and, in the process, uncovers relics of the past in one of New York’s newest treasures, The Vintage DJ. And in Guatemala, James Rodriguez captures the pain and closure felt by families who lost relatives in the country’s 36-year internal conflict when they finally receive the deceased’s remains after a two-year wait.

Rounding out this month’s issue, Terry Lowenstein waxes poetic about the past and present while perusing a family photo album, observing fashion trends, and making the daily commute.

Coming next month: ITF’s take on the changing shape of language in the 21st century.

Laura Nathan
Buffalo, New York

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