It’s astounding that the federal government can’t seem to put forward a legitimate case against any terrorism suspects.  Without going through the litany of previous missteps, here’s some of what is going on now:

In the Lodi terrorist case, the chief informant has been making ridiculous claims about the presence of several Qaeda bigwigs in the town, including Ayman al-Zawahiri.  I’m sure that doesn’t speak to credibility or anything.

In the trial of apparently insane Moussaoui, the prosecutors have been coaching witnesses to protect insurance company interests.

In the trial of an associate of Sami al-Arian, who has already been declared not guilty, the FBI blatantly misrepresented the contents of wiretaps to the court.

In an Albany case, the court denied a defense motion to appeal on possibly illegal wiretaps for reasons that will remain secret.

Another day, another trumped-up terrorism charge.  How many of these could possibly really be cases of framing the guilty? How long will it take to execute Mohammed Sacco and Abdul Vanzetti?

Pete DeWan

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