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September 22, 2005

Analysis of the survey results has been completed. Click on the link below to view the document.

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About the survey

This survey was prepared by Tom Hayden and Victor Chen. It will be used by InTheFray, a nonprofit magazine devoted to issues of identity and community, and the Department of Sociology at Harvard University. In 2003 Hayden led a study group at Harvard’s Institute of Politics on social movements and globalization. The survey results will be analyzed by Victor Chen (, 617.669.2578) at Harvard’s Department of Sociology and by other Harvard students who traveled to Miami as observers during the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) ministerial conference in November 2003: Jordan Bar Am, Anne Beckett, Rachel Bloomekatz, Madeleine Elfenbein, Denise Lambert, Toussaint Losier, and Colin Reardon. The survey is funded with the generous support of Harvard University’s Institute of Politics.

The survey will be distributed at a number of globalization-related demonstrations and events, beginning with the 2003 FTAA ministerial. The survey is anonymous and the completed forms will only be seen by members of the Harvard research team.

Please take a few minutes to participate in this collective process of defining a new identity in the world. Please circulate the survey and ask your friends and colleagues to participate as well. Thank you!

Completed surveys and other correspondence can be sent to Victor Chen, Department of Sociology, Harvard University, William James Hall, 33 Kirkland Street, Cambridge MA 02138, USA.

Note: The categories make it easier for us to analyze the results. However, feel free to write in a response if you don’t feel they represent your unique viewpoint.

Interviewees needed: As part of his research at Harvard University, Victor Chen is conducting interviews with activists about their participation in the global justice movement (this is separate from the survey). If you are willing to be interviewed or know someone who might be, please contact Victor at or 617.669.2578. Or, fill out the relevant information in the form below and mail it to the address above. Interviews take about 1 hour and can be conducted over the phone or in person. Interviewees have a right to confidentiality.

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