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They Kill You Very Seriously

They Kill You Very Seriously

Before they manage to reach Spain or Italy or Greece, people fleeing poverty and war in Sub-Saharan Africa head to port cities like Tangier. There, they face the risk of beatings and repression at the hands of authorities—or dying on the crossing to Europe.

UN Peacekeeping — more harm than good?

As yet another scandal arises from the UN Peacekeeping Program, I ask  are they doing more harm than good?

The Global Peace Index

Vision of Humanity releases the 2007 Global Peace Index, which ranks countries in terms of their peacefulness. Unsurprisingly, most MENA countries didn't fare well.

No free Internet here

With bloggers being jailed and sites being blocked around the world, it's time we took a stand against Internet censorship.

Day out with the cat

Nothing looks stranger to Moroccans than a man wandering around the city with a cat.

Feeling safe

How difficult is it to feel safe when fundamentalism is on the rise so close to home?

Marketing Morocco

Ordinary Moroccans are being pushed out of their communities to make room for the European invasion.

Suicide bomber in Morocco kills one — himself

A suicide bomber hailing from Casablanca's impoverished suburb of Sidi Moumen killed only himself in what appears to be a revenge attack against a cyber café owner who wouldn't let him read "jihadist" websites.

Babel babble

"Babel" comes from the Hebrew verb "balal," meaning "to confuse, confound." Not surprising, given that's what the film did to me confuse.