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Halva with Tea

Halva with Tea

It’s a small coffee shop, a Shingle-style shack with blue trim, listed by Yelp as one of Laguna Beach’s best. Cookies and biscotti lie in a basket in front of the order window. The barista, an upbeat blonde woman in her late fifties, early sixties, comes over to me. As I’m trying to choose what flavor to put in my coffee, we start talking. She finds out I’m from Phoenix and asks what brought me to Laguna.

“My friend passed away two weeks ago. I’m here to clear my head,” I tell her. Hal, a pastor, was one of the first friends I’d made after moving to Phoenix a year and a half ago with my fiancé. He had helped us through some tough times.

She’s curious about where my accent is from. I tell her I was born in Iran. “But I have lived here longer than I have lived there,” I quickly add.

It’s a cool, sunny November morning. As she’s making my coffee, the woman spots the book I’m carrying in my hand, The Ministry of Guidance Invites You to Not Stay, by Hooman Majd. She asks me what it’s about. I tell her it was written by an Iranian immigrant who had left Iran when he was eight months old. When he turned fifty, he decided to go looking for his grandmother’s house halfway around the world, hoping to find his roots. He found the area, the familiar scents, the leftover mud walls. But he couldn’t find the actual house.

His story is not much different from mine, I say. Several years ago, I visited the neighborhood where my family used to live in Tehran. For the first time in more than two decades, I walked our old block, looking for the home I had grown up in. But it wasn’t there anymore.

Twitter gets political

Well, Twitter has surprised me.

On the personal level, I still have trouble appreciating its benefits. But on a more global level (i.e., sharing thoughts and experiences worldwide), I’m impressed.

Quote of note

And now, from the man who claimed the Holocaust didn't happen.

Save Yourself by Telling the Truth

"The message being sent to Iranian scholars abroad is the same one being given to intellectuals at home: 'You are not welcome here anymore.'"

The Global Peace Index

Vision of Humanity releases the 2007 Global Peace Index, which ranks countries in terms of their peacefulness. Unsurprisingly, most MENA countries didn't fare well.

No free Internet here

With bloggers being jailed and sites being blocked around the world, it's time we took a stand against Internet censorship.