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Don't Blame Canada If They're Doing What America Should Be Doing

Don’t Blame Canada If They’re Doing What America Should Be Doing

I wrote an essay that appeared in the Atlantic yesterday. Based on the research for my book on unemployment, the piece talks about the debate over Denmark in last week's Democratic presidential debate—and how the real debate should be over Canada:

Clearly, America won’t expand its social safety net to anywhere near the scale of Denmark’s over the next president’s time in office. Judging from their rhetoric in the debate, though, Clinton and Sanders both agree that government can and should play an important role in extending economic opportunities more broadly. Canada’s approach to policy shows us some of the practical ways a country can do that—without having to go far from our roots as a New World society of dreamers and strivers.

Sympathy for the visa applicants

Canada is imposing visa requirements on Mexico and the Czech Republic (this is after having lifted the visa requirement in 2007 for Czech citizens). It's understandable that Canada needs control over the inflow of refugee claims, but my sympathy still goes out to those legitimate travelers who’ll now have to play the ever stressful game called “Visa Applications.”

Eco-ski resort Whistler Blackcomb

Environmental responsibility extends to ski resorts where nature plays a major part in the enjoyment.