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Our religious test for politics

Take the quiz and figure out your spiritual-political I.Q.

When do you say ‘when?’

In this season of bingeing and purging, we invite you to measure your standards for excess. Please take a moment to complete a fun survey — and be sure to check back on February 7 to find out how your vote measures up! NOTE: This survey is closed.

ITF readers forecast the future of love in a time of conflict

This past April we surveyed ITF readers about the prospects for love in a time of conflict, and now the results are in. Here is how you responded.

Readers’ Choice: Top ten social justice organizations in America

Your picks for the most influential crusaders for social justice.

Readers’ Choice: Top ten activists in America

Your picks for the top ten U.S. activists working for social justice.

No labels, no logos

An international survey of global justice activists.

Editors’ choice: Top ten crusaders for social justice

We pick the top ten U.S. organizations working on social justice issues — and now, your turn to vote!