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India needs to be a permanent UN Security Council Member PDF Print Email
There are five permanent members in the UN Security Council-China, UK, United States, Russia and France. It is now time to expand the membership and include new permanent members.
By Bhumika Ghimire
Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I would argue in support of including India and Germany as permanent Security Council members. India, although not a "superpower" yet, is a very important factor in world economy, diplomacy and also security. India's inclusion in the Security Council will bring greater understanding of South Asian issues and also act as a balancing factor when it comes to China.

And Germany, it is a power house-economically and culturally. It does not make sense to exclude a nation as influential as Germany from the Security Council.

Well, India and Germany have secured temporary membership-2 year term in the Security Council. Hopefully by the end of the term there will be more support for them joining as permanent members.

Last Updated ( Friday, December 3, 2010 )
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