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By Jennifer Leblanc
Saturday, July 21, 2007

NBC's successful (if criticized) Dateline series, To Catch a Predator, has helped officials in many states catch pedophiles. A volunteer poses as a child, pre-teen, or teenager online and then makes arrangements in chat rooms to meet with pedophiles, who are greeted at the door by NBC's cameras. Many are prosecuted, as they should be. But a recent taping in Texas did not go as planned. An assistant prosecutor arrived with the intention of having sex with (raping, actually) a 13-year-old boy. After being exposed, he ran to his car and shot himself in the head before he could be arrested. Because of this, Texas law officials are refusing to prosecute any of the other men who showed up at the house. They're even blaming NBC for the death of a wealthy, well-connected good ole boy.

In response to the incident, a Murphy, Texas, resident had this to say: "[NBC] can chase predators all they want, but they shouldn't do it in a populated area with children..." Excuse me, ma'am, but isn't that exactly where they should do it?

It gets better. The sister of the dead pedophile is suing NBC for the death of her brother. She wants $100 millon dollars, and her lawyer says, "NBC is responsible for his death."

Personally, if I found out my brother was a pedophile who cowardly shot himself rather than face the consequences (you know, the kind of consequences pedophiles face in prison), I'd have him tossed in unconsecrated ground and change my name. But then again, I'm not from Texas.

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