"I've been following Inthefray.com since its birth, and I absolutely love it ... Keep up the good work!" --Errin Haines, December 10, 2002 (see other reader comments below)

INTHEFRAY.COM is a non-profit magazine that depends on the support of volunteer contributors and loyal readers to continue publishing. We would like to thank the following people for their help in getting this project started and making it such a success:




Mailed donation, January 30, 2003


Safiya Bandele and ibn Kenyatta
New York

Theresa Brodowski-Scram
Marquette, Michigan

Chad and Sally Cheriel
Portland, Oregon

Ed Fletcher
Sacramento, California

Mai T. Nguyen
West Hartford, Connecticut

Gloria Suen
New York


Curtis Esquibel
Jemez, New Mexico

Royce Hall
New York


Charlie Changchien
Urbana, Illinois


Roger T. Imai
Nashville, Tennessee

Online donation, August 8, 2001

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The staff of Inthefray.com would like to recognize its debt of gratitude to the late Philippe Wamba (1971-2002). Philippe supported this magazine from the very beginning, as a member of our Advisory Board, as a friend, and as an inspiration. He will be sorely missed.

Marvin Allegro

Derek Araujo

Mawi Asgedom

Safiya Bandele

Albert Benedict

Etienne Benson

Saba Bireda

Alexander S. Budnitz / Design Director

Sharon Pian Chan / Contributing Editor

Lia Chang

Don Chareunsy

Victor Tan Chen / Editor

Jia-Rui Chong / Literary Editor

Angie Chuang

Alexis Clark

Vasus Das

Nadia Ellis Russell

Curtis L. Esquibel

Brad Farwell

Ed Fletcher / Senior Editor

Jonathan Flaum

Sharon Franck

Geoffrey A. Fowler

Marcia Ann Gillespie / Advisory Board

Steven Gray

Irene Hahn

Royce Hall

Marques G. Harper

Ben Helphand / Contributing Editor

Molly Hennessy-Fiske / Senior Editor

John Y. Ho

Nick Hoff

Tamura Howard

Noel Ignatiev / Advisory Board

J. Irving Israel

Tracy Jan / Senior Editor

Paul Johnson

Marguerite Kearns

Bob Keeler / Advisory Board

ibn Kenyatta

Julie C. Kim / Senior Editor

Debbie Kuan / Contributing Editor

Alan C. Lee

Rosa Lee

Thomas Lee / Senior Editor

Nicole Leistikow / News Editor

Jason Lewis

Peter Light

Anthony Lin

Jasper Lin / Creative Director

Michael Luo

Anne MacKinnon / Advisory Board

Mekeisha Madden / Contributing Editor

Shobita Mampilly

Zachariah Mampilly / Commentary Editor

Ethan Marcotte

Sheila Masson

Yaz Matsui

Harry Mok / Copy Chief and News Editor

Holly J. Morris / Managing Editor

Anustup Nayak

Alexander Nguyen / President

Nobuko Oyabu

Ishle Yi Park

Siobhan Peiffer

Laura Pohl

Jeff Purcell

Amy Rathgeb

Mikhaela Blake Reid

Phillip Reese

Dustin Ross / Visual Editor

Keith Rushing / Contributing Editor

Robert William Russ

Charles Savage

Melissa Scram / Web Editor

Afi-Odelia E. Scruggs

Nancy Snow

Gloria Suen / Development Director

Solargun / Director of Technology

Varun Soni

Dimitris Spiliakos

Hari Sreenivasan

Sreenath Sreenivasan / Advisory Board

Ray Suarez / Advisory Board

Rose Tantraphol / Contributing Editor

Karen Tom

Honza Vihan / Contributing Editor

Jim Wallis / Advisory Board

Brandon Walston

William Julius Wilson / Advisory Board

Daniel Wolff / Advisory Board

Kelly Yamanouchi / Senior Editor

Stephanie Yao / Director of Photography

Helen Zia / Advisory Board


We thank you for your support!

"It feels so enriching to have come across this Web site, Inthefray.com, which offers freedom of experience and expression to everyone, for the benefit of sharing and learning in a responsible yet new-age, open-minded way. Kudos to all you innovators and contributors. Keep this great initiative going from strength to strength!"

Paulavette Atkinson
Barbados, West Indies

"I think Inthefray is a wonderful independent effort in a global project. Universal tolerance is not only a matter of re-educating the educated. It needs to become part of popular culture, beyond the cultural elite that the writers themselves represent. It's a big contribution to humanity in its own sector. I hope Inthefray will continue to develop, and reach out to influence many other groups outside the reading culture. I've bookmarked the site, and I'll pass on the link whenever I can to help draw attention to it."

Roger T. Imai
Nashville, Tennessee

"Your journal has a courageous, vibrant life of its own and for this I commend you. The living soul of your journal has inspired and consoled many hearts and minds, perhaps more than you realize."

Michigan reader
(Name withheld at request)

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