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Inthefray.com is in the midst of a major restructuring, to culminate in the launch of a completely new version of the site in October 2003. Until that time we are publishing the magazine every other month, so that the staff can concentrate on the site transition.

As part of the restructuring, we are recruiting new editors, businesspeople, administrators, and contributors for a variety of positions. Please see the list of available positions at the bottom of this page. If you're interested in helping out, or know someone who might be, . Feel free to copy and paste the list below into an e-mail message and send it to friends or mailing lists. Or, simply pass along the URL: http://inthefray.com/inside/positions.html

If you enjoy this magazine, please consider helping us out--whether that means volunteering your time as a formal member of our staff, or just submitting some of your writing, photography, or artwork for publication. Also, please consider donating to our non-profit organization, In the Fray, Inc. Every little bit helps, and your contributions are especially meaningful as we move through this transition period.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this reduced publication schedule. We look forward to returning to our normal schedule at the end of this transition period--in a bigger and better way.

The Editors


Positions available (as of 10/7/2003)



INTHEFRAY.COM is a news & literary magazine devoted to issues of identity and community. Through commentary, reportage, fiction, poetry, cultural criticism, artwork, and photography, we look at people's lives in all their complexity, paying particular attention to matters of belief, class, gender, physique, race, and sexuality. Every month, we reach about 10,000 readers across the country and around the world.

We are looking for volunteers to join the staff of our magazine and non-profit organization, in both editorial and administrative positions. As a member of our staff, you will have the opportunity to work with a young and passionate group of people, on issues that are easy to care about. All positions are voluntary, with time commitments ranging from a few minutes every month to several hours every week (see the job descriptions below). We prefer candidates with experience, but enthusiasm, reliability, and a sense of humor are the most important qualifications. For more information, contact Chika Watanabe, Recruitment Director, at .


MANAGING EDITOR. Manages editorial operations for the magazine.
-Oversees a staff of about twenty editors.
-Coordinates the editing process for content published every month (minimum of five separate articles).
-Manages special sections of magazine, including Pulse (our online news log) and Forum (online discussion area).
-With Recruitment Director, oversees recruitment of new writers and artists.
-With Projects Editor, oversees planning for special issues and features of the magazine.
-Reports to Editor.
-Time commitment: several hours per week.

COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR. Oversees public relations for the magazine.
-Coordinates writing and distribution of press releases.
-Responds to media calls and queries.
-Coordinates magazine's outreach efforts.
-Time commitment: several hours per month.

DIRECTOR OF TECHNOLOGY. Oversees technical aspects of the site.
-Does programming for site's database.
-Reports to Creative Director.
-Time commitment: several hours per month.

SENIOR EDITOR / FORUM EDITOR. Manages the online discussion forums on our site.
-Reports to Managing Editor.
-Time commitment: several hours per month.

SENIOR EDITOR / RECRUITMENT EDITOR. Helps out with the recruiting of contributors.
-Helps Recruitment Director to recruit and keep in touch with
contributors, solicit and edit bios, and/or maintain staff
-Reports to Recruitment Director.
-Time commitment: several hours per month.

ASSISTANT COMMENTARY EDITOR. Helps Commentary Editor to run the INTERACT channel.
-Generates ideas for stories.
-Helps recruit writers.
-Edits stories.
-Helps expand readership for channel.
-Reports to Commentary Editor.
-Time commitment: several hours per month.

ASSISTANT VISUAL EDITOR. Helps Visual Editor to run the IMAGE channel.
-Generates ideas for photo/art essays.
-Helps recruit photographers and artists.
-Edits photos/art.
-Helps expand readership for channel.
-Reports to Visual Editor.
-Time commitment: several hours per month.

WEBMASTER. Helps out with minor technical issues on the site.
-This low commitment position does not take much technical knowledge, and we will be glad to teach any skills that are needed.
-Fixes site bugs, manages e-mail system, etc.
-Reports to Director of Technology.
-Time commitment: at most, a few hours per month.

CONTRIBUTING EDITOR / COLUMNIST. Contributes regularly (perhaps once every other month) as one of our featured columnists. (Note: We prefer that candidates contribute at least one piece to the magazine before we designate them columnists.) Time commitment: variable.


ASSISTANT PUBLISHER / MARKETING DIRECTOR. Directs the magazine's publicity efforts.
-Contacts news organizations to see if they'll run stories about Inthefray.com.
-Finds other ways to advertise the magazine.
-Reports to Publisher.
-Time commitment: several hours per month.

ASSISTANT PUBLISHER / OUTREACH DIRECTOR. Directs the magazine's efforts to build connections with other organizations and publications and its readers.
-Contacts other Web sites about republishing or linking to stories that have just appeared in Inthefray.com.
-Seeks to get ITF stories published in print and other media.
-Contacts like-minded non-profit organizations to build professional relationships and collaborate on projects.
-Serves as reader representative, addressing reader concerns and handling Letters to the Editor and Comments posted after stories.
-Reports to Publisher.
-Time commitment: several hours per month.

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