launch announcement

APRIL 2001

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Introducing, the online magazine devoted to understanding, reporting on, and acting upon issues of identity and community.

Inthefray is about individuality. It is about relationships. It is about action. It is about our issues, passions, and obsessions, in a medium that can divide and unite.

No other publication does what we do. No other publication brings such a diverse group of people together. No other publication so thoroughly challenges its readers to rethink their assumptions.

We believe that true unity starts from open dialogue and a belief in fair-mindedness, acceptance, and curiosity. We do not hold ourselves to any political standard in the sense of left or right, liberal or conservative. We are a magazine for everyone. Everyone must grapple with identity--whether in their own lives, or in their dealings with other people.

We invite you to read our magazine. We invite you to contribute, discuss, and disagree. We invite you to participate in our forums. We invite you to tell your friends about us.

We invite you to join the fray.

Your Editors


* William Julius Wilson, Harvard professor and expert on urban poverty and race relations
* Ray Suarez, senior correspondent on "The Newshour with Jim Lehrer"
* Marcia Ann Gillespie, editor in chief of Ms. magazine
* Jim Wallis, editor in chief of Sojourners magazine and convener of Call to Renewal
* Noel Ignatiev, named one of the "Ten Most Dangerous Minds" in the academy by Rolling Stone magazine
* Sreenath Sreenivasan, Columbia new media professor and WABC-TV "Tech Guru"
* Daniel Wolff, poet and cultural critic
* Robert F. Keeler, Pulitzer Prize-winning religion reporter at Newsday
* Anne MacKinnon, activist and teacher
* Helen Zia, author of "Asian American Dreams"


Watchdog under the watchtower. The story of the Heart Mountain Sentinel, and freedom of press at a time of internment. By Kelly Yamanouchi.

Undressed for success? This Lil' Kim went to the market, and sold her body. By Mekeisha Madden.

Of beetles and angels. Childhood memories African war and American struggle. By Mawi Asgedom.

Burning the stones. In a place without memory, life becomes art. By Honza Vihan.