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If you wish to have a Letter to the Editor published in our magazine, please e-mail us at with your message. State that it is intended for publication. Alternatively, you can mail letters to the postal address above.

For verification purposes, include your full name, your e-mail address or phone number, and where you are writing from (e.g. New York, Las Vegas, Istanbul). State whether you want your e-mail address included in the text of the letter. You should also disclose any relevant information, such as your background in the issue you are writing about or responding to.

Once we receive your letter, we will edit the letter to match the magazine's style (punctuation, capitalization, etc.) and run by any and all changes with you. We will then publish it in our Forum. The letter will also be published in the next Editor's Notebook, which appears every month.

Readers are also welcome to post messages directly to the Forum. Messages posted there are normally published in the Editor's Notebook as well, with the exception of anonymous posts.


Contributing to Inthefray


A word about what we publish

INTHEFRAY.COM is a U.S.-based but internationally aware news and literary magazine that addresses issues of identity and community. We seek to go beyond the tired arguments that prevent meaningful dialogue on issues of belief, class, gender, physique, race, and sexuality. Through original reportage, commentary, fiction, criticism, artwork, and photography, we explore human experience in all its variety and intensity. In doing so, we offer people of all walks of life--not just the mainstream, not just the minority--a chance to engage in the debate. Every month, we reach about 10,000 readers across the country and around the world.

INTHEFRAY.COM is looking for writers and artists who can offer fresh takes on these evolving notions of identity and community. The magazine has four main channels:

IDENTIFY accepts news features of 2,000 to 4,000 words. We are looking for original reporting and/or news analysis. Past topics have included elementary school choice in Baltimore, the reconstruction of a historic Mormon temple, and last year's massacres in Gujarat, India.

IMAGINE is our arts and culture section. Here you'll find poetry and fiction, in addition to interviews with artists and writers, reviews of books, film, and music, and analysis of pop culture.

INTERACT is the magazine's home for commentary. We publish informed essays that subvert conventional wisdom, as well as intensely personal narratives that illuminate the larger social landscape.

IMAGE is our showcase for graphic art and photography. We value work that questions not just the categories that constrain individuals, but also the genres that constrain art.

Regarding compensation and copyrights

To keep this project alive, we rely on the generosity of talented artists and writers like you. We hope you will consider supporting our cause by contributing your own work.

Our funding comes almost entirely from individual donors, and is, as you might guess, very limited. As a result, we normally do not pay contributors. We sometimes pay a small honorarium for very involved and exceptional work, but this happens on a case-by-case basis. We would love to pay all of our contributors, and in the near future we hope to do so.

Because we normally don't pay our contributors, we give them the flexibility to republish their work in other publications. By submitting your work to INTHEFRAY.COM, you temporarily grant us exclusive rights to publish your work in North America (i.e. "North American publishing rights") for a ninety-day period, beginning from the date of publication. After that time, you are free to publish it elsewhere, in print or online. We retain the right to keep your work on our site indefinitely, and also to publish your work in our e-mail newsletter (typically a month or two after it is first published online). Contributors are free to contract with other publications during the ninety-day period to have their articles printed after the ninety-day period has ended.

We normally do not republish work that has appeared in other publications.

We may make exceptions to these policies in special circumstances. Please review this page from time to time to make sure our policies have not changed. And please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

We sincerely thank everyone who has volunteered their time and energy to make this magazine a success.

The submission process

Please contact the editors listed below if you have an idea for a story, photo essay, graphic art, etc. If you're not sure whom to e-mail, contact us at .

Visual content. We accept unsolicited submissions of artwork, photography, and Web design. We also recruit staff artists, photographers, and designers to handle assignments (e.g. providing images for our written content).

SUBMISSIONS: Please contact our Visual Editor, , or before sending any submissions. Artwork or photography should be rendered in GIF or JPEG format and e-mailed to us, or copies of the work should be mailed to the postal address above. We are also willing to provide space on our site for artwork done in HTML, Flash, or other Web formats.

Include your full name, e-mail address, and phone number with your materials. We normally cannot return materials sent to us by post.

STAFF: Please contact our or if you are interested in joining our team of staff artists, photographers, and designers. From time to time we need images to accompany our articles, and we will get in touch with you about helping out.

Written content. We accept unsolicited submissions of commentary, reportage, poetry, fiction, and cultural criticism. We also welcome writers to join our team of Contributing Writers and Columnists.

SUBMISSIONS: Submissions should be e-mailed to , or to the individual editor in charge of the channel you wish to write for (see below). Especially for reportage and commentary submissions, we recommend that potential contributors speak with our editors before sending their work or even beginning writing.

Submissions should be in Microsoft Word format if possible. Include your full name, e-mail address, and phone number with your materials.

STAFF: Please contact if you wish to join our team of Contributing Writers and Columnists. Contributing Writers develop their own pieces or may be assigned pieces to write. Columnists write on a regular basis in our pages. We normally expect writers to have published one piece in our pages before we consider them for Columnist positions.

Feel free to contact individual editors for more information:

Identify channel: , News Editor
Imagine channel: , Literary Editor
Interact channel: , Commentary Editor

Editing and copy editing. We are always looking for committed volunteers to help with business/administration, article editing, art direction, and the tech/design of the magazine. As an editor, you will have the opportunity to work with a young and passionate staff on issues that are easy to care about. For a list of available positions on our staff, click here. if you are interested in a particular position or want to know how you can help. Please note that all positions are unpaid, with the exception of certain business positions that are compensated on a commission basis.

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