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Inthefray launches new site and special issue on October 27

published September 29, 2003



As you know, we're in the midst of overhauling our site. The launch of new site is scheduled for next month, on Monday, October 27. It will coincide with the publication of a special issue of devoted to activism and social movements.

We're all very excited about the special issue--it will include profiles of activist groups ranging from Catholic Worker to United for a Fair Economy, interviews with veteran activists like Noam Chomsky and Vandana Shiva, and a wide range of other features. We think you'll also be pleased by the new look and feel of the site. Revamped from the ground up, it will feature a regularly updated blog and a host of reader-friendly, automated functions.

We're expanding our staff significantly right now, to meet the demands of our relaunch. There are a number of positions available on our staff. Please take a look at our listing and let us know if you're interested in anything, or if you know something who might be.

Since was launched in April 2001, it has published 23 issues and featured more than 90 writers and artists, including Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Bob Keeler. It has covered topics ranging from drum circles to gay physique to school choice. Yet, it continues to operate on a shoestring budget--without an office, with all communication done over e-mail and phone (many editors have never met face-to-face), and an all-volunteer staff of some 200 editors and contributors.

In other words, is truly the kind of grassroots journalism that the Internet was made for. We thank our readers, contributors, and donors for all their support throughout the past two years. We hope that you will continue to show enthusiasm for our work into this new phase in the magazine's life. Please let us know of anything that you would like to see published in our pages. And if you can spare it, please consider donating a small amount to help us defray the costs of our publication. Every little bit helps.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. We'll see you at our new home in October.

With warm regards,

Victor Tan Chen

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