Back in the fray
        Inthefray launches new site and special issue on October 27. By Victor Tan Chen.


                Southern hospitality
                                   Mourning a lost home, refugees from Vietnam start over in North Carolina. By Krista Mahr and Lissa Gotwals.


                Not on my watch
                                   Can A Problem From Hell make stopping genocide a priority? By Jal Mehta.


                The other side of Lawrence
                                   A Supreme Court victory may turn out to be the gay community's death knell. By Adam Lovingood.


                A walk in the dark
Photographs and notes from a long walk home during the Blackout of 2003. By Dustin Ross.

                THE FRAY. We are resolving some technical problems with the Forum; it will be back in October.

                BECOME AN ITF EDITOR. We are looking to fill a variety of staff positions, in editorial and business.