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Dear C--,

Yesterday, at Camden, I tried on lace-up steel-toed

space boots but they looked better on the salesgirl

with three tongue studs. After nearly getting stampeded

by schoolgirls who thought they saw Robbie Williams,

I-- and I trundled into the new Globe with fellow groundlings

in ponchos to see The Tempest in the rain (appropriate, really).

I made a friend raving at the Drome: a Carmen Miranda lookalike

who gilded her fruit with UV paint and swung her hips faster

than the flashing blue lasers. I've chosen not to harass the pigeons

at Trafalgar Square, though I did help some tourists from Kyoto

take pictures and I did ride atop a red doubledecker bus. We’ve gone

three nights in a row on Sainsbury's microwaveable chicken

tikka masala. I watch too much Channel 4, but

there's no hope of stopping.






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