A letter from the editor

APRIL 9, 2001

Welcome to Inthefray.

This magazine started with a group of young writers and artists, spread across the United States and even around the world. It started with an idea: that there needed to be more dialogue, more reflection, and more understanding, across the lines that divide people.

We didn't see anyone addressing that need. There were publications written for specific groups, such as African Americans or people with disabilities. There were a few that addressed particular issues, such as gender or religion. But no publication brought all these concerns together. No publication encompassed all the people who fall within and between categories. No publication was focused upon the tough, thoughtful, and inclusive discussion needed to bridge our society's divides.

In this magazine you will find some of the best writing and art on race and religion, gender and sexual orientation, disability and socioeconomic status. Whatever your background is, we think you will be able to relate. After all, this isn't about one community's self-esteem, or one individual's personal choices. What's at stake here is our shared destiny--this idea that anyone may experience hatred and misunderstanding, that all people can find themselves on the margins, that mutual consideration and fairness are part of any society that calls itself just.

Please take the time to read through our magazine. Tell us what you like and don't like. Participate in our online community. Help build the dialogue. Perhaps Inthefray can change your understanding of other people--or perhaps you can change ours.

In that discussion there is hope. In this community we can work out answers. In the fray, we may meet face to face.

Victor Tan Chen
Editor, Inthefray.com


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