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Written by: Kelly Yamanouchi, Associate Managing Editor

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Out of the Frying Pan: Reflections of a Japanese American
By Bill Hosokawa and Tom Noel | University Press of Colorado | 1998
Purchase this book through or Barnes & and a portion of the sale goes to

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Heart Mountain, Wyoming Foundation
Powell, Wyoming
Organization devoted to educating people about the internment of Japanese Americans at the Heart Mountain Camp

Rafu Shimpo
Los Angeles
Largest Japanese American daily newspaper

People > Hosokawa, Bill >

American Association of Sunday and Feature Editors
Biography of Hosokawa, a celebrated journalist and inductee in the organization's Features Hall of Fame

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Densho (the Japanese American Legacy Project)
Oral histories of the lives of Japanese Americans, from experiences of immigration to the incarceration during World War II to discussions of what it means to be "an American"

Japanese American National Museum

National Japanese American Historical Society

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"Confinement and Ethnicity: An Overview of World War II Japanese American Relocation Sites"
By Jeffery F. Burton, Mary M. Farrell, Florence B. Lord, and Richard W. Lord | National Park Service | July 2000
Histories of all the internment camps during World War II

"The Constitution Community"
National Archives and Records Administration
Documents and photographs related to the Japanese American internment experience, part of "The Constitution Community" educational project

Executive Order No. 9066
University of Arizona Library
Text of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's executive order authorizing the detention of Japanese Americans during World War II

The Heart Mountain Digital Preservation Project
Powell, Wyoming
Collection at the John Taggart Hinckley Library of Northwest College

Rocky Shimpo
Conscience and the Constitution
The story of the Rocky Shimpo and its editor, James Omura, as told by a PBS documentary on the Japanese American internment camps

Watchdog under the watchtower

Fenced in

Talking back to the 'blockheads'

'Perpetual aliens'

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