Photo Essays

Floating through space and time

Propaganda and anthropological display.


South African girls learn how to become women.

Nature's waltz

Nature’s waltz

A series of digital collages.

When the dairy runs dry

When the dairy runs dry

Tough times for an independent dairy farmer.

Simple happiness

A mother and son in Vietnam.

Into the Light

Best of In The Fray 2009. A slideshow.

Approaching autism

One part dog and two parts specialized services, mixed together with lots of love.

On the bricks again

Life outside the prison walls.

A boy grows in Brooklyn

After years of wanting a baby and undertaking 11 rounds of artificial insemination, Lynn finally became pregnant.

101 billionaires

The other side of Russian capitalism.

Scenes from Antarctica

[ Click here to view the visual essay ]

Semana Santa

Holy Week in Guatemala.