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  Walking down the alternative aisle

Writers are my rock stars

Keep the celebrities. Give me the writers!

Holy cats and dogs!

After you are rescued from this sinful earth in the Rapture, who will feed the cat?

Sarah Palin has become the crazy lady

She may have become Crazy Cat Lady from the Simpsons ("blagh blagh blagh, Death Panels, blagh blagh blagh"), or just another sad fame whore. And The Wall Street Journal takes her seriously.

The white elephant in the room

Having a black president brings out the stupid in conservatives.

Secular Morals

A new survey finds that religious people back torture of suspected terrorists more than non-religious people.

To the MPAA — your biases are showing

The MPAA has proven Sacha Baron Cohen's point by giving his new movie, Bruno, an NC-17 rating.

The whole story

Hollywood never lets the ugly truth interfere. Audrey Tautou will portray Coco Chanel in the new film, Coco Avant Chanel (Coco Before Chanel). "Before Chanel" meaning before she was a famous fashion designer and, more importantly, before she became a Nazi whore. That ugly truth, however, would ruin the next "fashionista" movie.

Those who suffer

I've been acting silly lately. I've spent my time thinking about the people out there who have lost their jobs, their homes, their healthcare, even their health. I've thought about those who sleep in their cars, on relatives' couches, or on park benches. I should've been thinking about the people in this country who are truly suffering: bankers' girlfriends and Brown University students.

Republican bailout

Is there blood coming out of my eyes?

The future of the Republican Party

From CNN: Huckabee, Palin Top List of 2012 GOP Contenders, Polls Says. Well, isn’t that special? A lying moron and a white-supremacist evangelical. You stay classy, Republicans!  

I sleep on Black Friday

A Wal-Mart worker is trampled to death on Black Friday. To those of you who killed him, to those of you who stood by, those of you who tried to trample his co-workers as they tried to help him, and to those who complained when the store was closed due to the tragedy — you all make me almost ashamed to be a human being. Nothing you can buy, no matter what the price or how badly a loved one wanted it, is worth killing someone.