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My War: Killing Time in Iraq

"This is a totally screwed up policy… The commanders are just really nervous because they can't keep control any more."

—Colby Buzzell, winner of this year’s Blooker prize for his blog-based book, My War: Killing Time in Iraq, speaking about the recent Pentagon decision to restrict the soldiers’ freedom to post to blogs.

A day for Darfur

“Four years after the start of the conflict the blood of more than two hundred thousand murdered Darfuris stains the deserts of Darfur. The lives of the local population lie in tatters, as does the reputation of the international community.”

Gay connections

"We hope that after this show airs, homosexuality will no longer be an issue, that society will be more enlightened about it, more understanding and more tolerant."
Gang Gang, the producer of "Gay Connections" in English or, according to the Chinese press release, "Connecting Homosexual People," the first program to focus on gay issues in the country. 

Translating for God

“I decided it either has to have a different meaning, or I can’t keep translating…I couldn’t believe that God would sanction harming another human being except in war.”

“Hitlerian” marriages

"The era of plurality and diversity is permeating Mexico City."
Julio Cesar Moreno, a Mexico City councilor who presided over one of the first gay civil unions in Mexico City.

Dirty words

"This could be the beginning of a movement. I forgive those young people who do not know their history, and I blame myself and my generation for not preparing you. But today we are going to know our history. We are not going to refer to ourselves by anything negative, the way the slave master referred to black people, using the n-word."

Jailed for blogging in Egypt

Despite the fact that Egypt is scheduled to host a forum in 2009 on the topic of Internet governance, Egypt today put a blogger behind bars for four years after he was convicted of insulting Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s seemingly eternal president, and insulting Islam.

Finding God online

"It is technology which is enabling us to reach the Gods at the click of a mouse." —Mervyn Jose, an employee of, a website based in India which charges a fee for performing prayers, blessings, and offerings at Hindu temples on behalf of clients.

Christians and yoga

Demonstrating an intolerance that is noxious, bizarre, and antithetical to living in a globalized world, the founder of PraiseMoves – a recently concocted “Christian alternative to yoga” – is demonizing yoga, of all things.

Little Mosque on the Prairie

“If there’s an imam on Earth who resembles this one, I will convert to Islam, don the veil and catch the next plane to Mecca.”

— Margaret Wente, writing a somewhat gushing review in the Toronto daily The Globe and Mail of the new Canadian sitcom, “Little Mosque on the Prairie.”

Muslims and terrorists

China has been busy this week quashing Muslim terrorists and defending stability in China, as the government asserts, or possibly just stifling Muslim belief and the ethnic minority, Uygur Muslims, as supporters might contend.

Iraq in 2006

As revelers rang in 2007, the Iraqi ministries released grim statistics for 2006: