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Recruiting at school

Whenever we have a special event at my school, like our pre-spring-break party day, just about every branch of the military shows up to recruit.

School threats

The tragedy at Virginia Tech, like all such occurrences, brings the issue of school safety to the forefront of national debate.

Spring break choices

This week at my high school, the group of students called SADD, or Students Against Destructive Decisions (along with the help of several teachers, of course), put on a day-long program just before spring break.

Bored to tears

A few weeks ago I did a demonstration for my chemistry classes. They had begged me for days to do this particular experiment. So, one Monday morning, we assembled outside on the grass...

My thong nightmare

I have noticed recently the decline of the thong. It emerged in my high school about three years ago...

Teenage monsters

The first thing people say after I tell them that I am a high school teacher is “How do you do it?” And what they mean is, “Are you crazy? Don’t teenagers scare you?” I find that almost every adult I encounter has this fear of teenagers...