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World’s dumbest logic

When the courts rule in favor of gay marriage, crazy reasoning rears its head.

Our bodies, our selves

Tales of physical suffering and perseverance, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the United States.

A 20/20 vision?

A soothsayer among us and two new additions to the ITF family.

Got heart?

An ode to the organ that allows us to live, breathe, ache, and love. 

Heath Ledger: “Fag Enabler”?

Fred Phelps will protest another funeral.




Best of In The Fray 2007

Revisit our favorite stories from the last year.

Second looks

A consideration of misleading appearances.

Keeping the faith

Sometimes faith isn’t about organized religion.

Going global

Six international tales, six days of SAM, one donor drive.

Quote of note

And now, from the man who claimed the Holocaust didn't happen.


A consideration of the state of language in the 21st century.

Going the distance

Sometimes a long trek is the best route to self-discovery.