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Love should be enough

It is hard enough to find love, and those who are able to find it are fortunate and should be able to celebrate it rather than wondering if the next day is the day that they will lose their lives because of it. I can only hope that there will come a day when love of all kinds is embraced.

The last time I’ll ever say the words “Don Imus”

For two weeks now, I've been biting my tongue about former CBS host Don Imus and comments he made on a broadcast regarding the Rutgers women's basketball team.

Zeroed out

From the ashes of terror and destructions, the architects and builders involved with renovating Ground Zero hope to create greatness.

The slow dance

Students at a small Georgia high school will dance together for the first time.

Delivering hope

The myth of the coarse, uninvolved New Yorker doesn't ring true for those in the helping profession.

For the Comfort Women

Sixty years later, there is no apology for 200,000 women who were victimized at the hands of Japanese soldiers.

Every girl deserves a happy ending

Disney's princesses come full circle to embrace diverse views.

When personal and political mesh

Sometimes, you can't separate yourself from the politics.

“Academy” has a weightier voice

Maybe you can't take the politics out of the movies ...

Superbowl commercials sell stereotypes, not products in 07

The majority of the attention at Sunday’s Superbowl parties certainly wasn’t always on Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts.

Rape is America’s four-letter word

Instead of consoling victims, or helping those who brave their own fears and report a rapist, we as a society too often chastise them, smear their names in the media, and dehumanize them even further.