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Between nostalgia and fundamentalism

Does democracy matter? Philosopher Cornel West returns to the beginning of the great American experiment to find the answer.

Conversations on The Souls of Black Folk

An interview with Rebecca Carroll concerning her collection of essays, Saving the Race: Conversations on Du Bois from a Collective Memoir of Souls.

Lives lived, lessons learned

A century after W.E.B. Du Bois penned The Souls of Black Folks, Rebecca Carroll illuminates just how much the renowned civil rights leader continues to influence modern notions of citizenship and blackness.

The wars history left behind

Even in an era of 24-hour news coverage, not all atrocities make the cut, including recent horrors in Sudan. Philosopher/essayist Bernard-Henri Levy spent a year of his life trying to find out what happened to the wars that time forgot, but was there anything left to find?

Heroic ethics

Ten years after the death of National Book Award winner Ralph Ellison, his posthumously published novel Juneteenth offers lessons for our post-9/11 world.