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Edward Hopper: A review of an American painter icon

I have found myself back at the Whitney Museum studying another classic American painter, Edward Hopper. Although he is very famous, I came in with only a limited knowledge of his work, a vision of Nighthawks, a painting I have seen in virtually every poster store in America for my entire life.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: A look at beauty in culture

I have heard the phrase "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" my entire life. It reminds me a lot of that other saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure." Each person develops an opinion of what they deem to be beautiful.

Report says that Nepal is fourth most vulnerable to effects of climate change

Co-blogging climate change at Think About It Climate Change.

Nepal is extremely vulnerable to effects of climate change but the efforts to face the challenge does not match the scale of the problem.

Is solar the answer for Nepal’s energy deficit?

Co blogging climate change with Think About It Climate Change .Nepal depends heavily on oil and natural gas imports to satisfy its growing energy need. The country has potential to be energy exporter, if its hydro-power sector could be exploited to its fullest potential. 

Deforestation going unchecked in Nepal

Co-blogging climate change with Think About It Climate Change.

Deforestation is a growing problem in Nepal. According to WWF Nepal, only 29% of the country's forests remains.

Nepal’s water woes

As I am participating in Think About It Climate Change blogging competition, I will be simul-positing by blog here. This is all an effort to drum up some excitement and hope for change and COP 16 Cancun.

Rediscovering the Old Country

Rediscovering the Old Country

My journey to peace with my Polish heritage.

Yellow River Journalism

Yellow River Journalism

Best of In The Fray 2010. A quest for truth in Lanzhou, China.

A sense of history

The power of the past