I don’t know what are they so mad about. Edwards made it possible for many struggling to conceive to have children, the technology he invented brought thousands of children into this world. Each and every one of them is absolutely precious, worthy and a gift to this world.

So why is the Vatican unhappy about honoring this great invention? They don’t like all those children born with the help of IVF technology? Well, they cry horse against abortion but they don’t like this technology which makes conceiving possible for many fertility challenged couples and single mothers.

 Ok wait. I get it now. Vatican doesn’t like IVF because it makes it possible for single women and gay couples to have children. And as per the Vatican, gays and single women cannot be given that privilege; they cannot have the joy of parenthood.

 Let them cry about the danger of "man disturbing nature" and other "dangers" of science. The real reason is that the Vatican just hates gays and women, and they hate science too.

But my warm congratulations to Robert G. Edwards, and thank you.

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