Monthly archive February, 2010

Holy cats and dogs!

After you are rescued from this sinful earth in the Rapture, who will feed the cat?

My winter ponder-land

My winter ponder-land

Today is the anniversary of my grandmother's birthday. She would have been around eighty-five years old. I actually had a dream about her last night (not remembering that it was her birthday); kind of like a refurbished memory of when I stayed with her in her apartment.

HELP! I need somebody!

I find myself caught in one of those "circles of life" not like the big happy ones seen in The Lion King but rather the type that you keep living through, over and over and over again. You can't jump out. You just keep trying things in hopes that the circle would, at least, widen or in hopes that you will be pulled out.

Flocking to U.S. universities

I am talking about students from Asia mainly India and China. As someone who came to the United States as a graduate student from a very poor Asian country, I can tell you that there is something compelling and very attractive about American universities.

The all magical Valentine’s Day

Being a Valentine's Day non-enthusiast by rule, I surprised myself today by wearing a pink dress and entering a shopping mall to watch the movie Valentine's Day with my friends (all Valentine's Day groupies). The movie which I likened to Love Actually and was keen to see turned to out to be a confirmation that Valentine's Day is indeed a shallow, commercialized, and manipulative celebration of everything but love (a viewpoint that, until now, I have been reluctant to agree with).

From the department of redundancy department

There is a beautiful mansion near my apartment which is on the National Historic Register. Built in 1900 for William Childs (developer of Bon Ami cleaning powders), it sits on the grand avenue of once-private residences directly across from the park.

I am my own god


Hi. My name is Tharuna and I am "addicted" to social networking sites. There are two in particular: Twitter and Facebook. My friend believes that these sites have become the new alcohol/cigarettes/shopping sprees with added benefits like lower cost, easy access, and greater satisfaction. This provides one explanation for why they are spreading like an ink stain, barrier-less and reaching all age groups, races, and social classes.

The same differences

I woke up on New Year's Day in a rather conventional manner: lungs recovering from high exposure to secondhand smoke, wallet empty, choked back tequila aftertaste, and a head full of hope. It was a completely new disposition for me. There were no resolutions for change and betterment; only ends and beginnings.

The act of returning to normal

Recovery and redemption after a decade of uneasiness.

Pomegranates, singing telephones, and night’s cloak

Three poems that speak to love, loss, and recovery.

The Kotel

The Kotel

A return to the past.

Iceland after the fall

Iceland after the fall

Notes from an icy island on the anniversary of its meltdown.