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Journalist held in Gitmo now at Al Jazeera

A story published in The New York Times shows that holding prisoners in Gitmo without trial or due process is only hurting America's image and standing in the international community.

A journalist was arrested in Afghanistan and then held as an enemy combatant in Gitmo. He was later released, and now his experience at the prison is only adding fuel to the fire of anti-Americanism in the Muslim and Arab world.

Driving in the rough part of town

It took us about two hours (with loads of traffic) to drive to Metro Manila. My aunt lives in Malabon, which is a part of Metro Manila – and don’t ask me if Malabon’s a city, a barangay (neighborhood), a province, or a town. I can hardly tell these divisions of land apart from each other, so the answer I give you will probably be wrong anyway.

I had an abortion

Parenthood, to me, is about being the best possible spring board on which to catapult my kids' experiences and opportunities. For this reason, I'm glad I chose not to become a mom the first time I was pregnant.

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba coming to Illinois

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba coming to Illinois

The Obama administration is taking the first steps towards closing Gitmo. On Tuesday it was announced that dozens of terrorists will be transferred from Cuba to a state prison in Thompson, Illinois.

Missing KW

Have you ever missed someone that you knew very little of?  I miss her.  When I found out that she was killed in a car accident in the middle of the night because she’d fallen asleep, I was in layered shock. 

Maoists attack journalist in Nepal

Maoists allegedly attacked a journalist in a remote district of Nepal for publishing a not-so-friendly story about them.


One more thing before I go.

Leaving Meknes

Leaving Meknes

Memories of a favorite Moroccan city.

Alexis, stone walls, and butterflies

Three poems that begin with endings.

Airborne anxiety

Airborne anxiety

Two starkly different air-travel voyages are explored in Walter Kirn’s Up in the Air and Jonathan Miles’ Dear American Airlines.



Best of In The Fray 2009. Eight days’ hard labor on a medical marijuana farm.

Swiss minaret ban debate

Swiss voters have decided to ban any new construction of minarets, and the debate over this radical step is underway around the world.