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Move over, Project Runway

The MSG Network (For non-locals, that's Madison Square Garden, not the bad stuff in Chinese take-out.) is conducting the most real reality show around. It's called NYC Soundtracks.

Shaken to my core

Maybe it's because, for the first time in my life, I am geographically close to a massacre of this caliber. Maybe it's because the violence perpetrated against these women brings to light every fear I have of being a woman in a blatantly anti-feminist country. Maybe it's because I'm ashamed that my own people can do this...


The changing of our leaves

The changing of our leaves

I have taken up some old hobbies I used to do when I first moved to New York City: walking while taking photographs. I think walking is one of the most relaxing, meditative things you can do.

Make-up dress code

No matter what store you enter electronics, clothing, media, etc. the saleswomen at the malls in the Philippines are all made up. Their hair seems perfectly coiffed or elegantly smoothed into submission; their legs are revealed below daintily cut skirts, only to be covered with thick stockings; and their faces are coated in foundation, blush, eye shadow, lipstick, and mascara.

All this, even when your job description's main objective is to sell blank DVDs.

Earthlings unite!

Over the years I've spent time thinking about the state of Black people in America.  Recently, I saw a clip from Jon Stewart's The Daily Show where they did a satirical sketch titled "The State of White America."  It was a humorous take on where this country seems to be going with the mixing of races and the sheer number of people of color.  It wasn't until I read the comments taking issue with the topic did it dawn on me how unfortunate it was that we have become so accustomed to being the ones being discussed and studied. 

Lost and found?

I hold you in hopes that you recognize me From a time and place that now have no space Seen, obscured, I often wonder Will we ever truly remember How we embraced Now we are incongruently comfortable Seeking the oh so magical breath Of happiness, delight Of nothing An unknowing Of time or space

More than one billion people are hungry

According to the United Nations, around the world more than one billion people are hungry and 17,000 children die every day because of hunger.

Everything I know about NYC, I learned from SATC

I'm in values class, and in between talking about the sanctity of family and the opposing viewpoints of abortion, homosexuality, and divorce, the girl next to me leans over and asks where I'm from.

Rep. Bart Stupak of Michigan: Slamming women’s health

The Representative, a democrat who is pro-life, has managed to deal a blow to a woman's right to choose.

Since when were there four Rs?

Since I moved to a predominantly Catholic country.

What are they? Reading, writing, arithmetic, and religion.

No matter how many times I think about it, no matter how uber-Filipino my perspective tends to lean, I just can't get over it. After all, I was born and raised a liberal, free-thinking, spiritual yet decidedly secular New Yorker. The idea of the "church in the classroom"? I can wash my own brain, thank you very much.

Project musical theatre madness

For the month of October, I was involved in a musical theatre writing lab in New York City (produced by Michael Roderick of Small Pond Entertainment), where book writers, composers, and lyricists were asked to randomly pick two names out of a hat to collaborate on the writing of two ten-minute musicals.

President Obama should fire his foreign policy adviser

If someone suggests the President accept a cheater as the legitimate winner of an election, there is no point having such a person as your adviser. One of President Obama's foreign policy advisers has done just that and that person should lose his/her job.