May 2009: Mothers and Fathers
Alarge majority of an individual’s brain development occurs betweenbirth and age 5. The most direct and constant influence during theseyears are mothers and fathers, or those that serve in such a role.Children unable to form strong attachment with their parents duringthis time frequently have difficulty forming solid, long-termrelationships throughout the rest of their lives. Caring, nurturingmothers and fathers are critical in ensuring proper early childhooddevelopment, and encouraging continuing growth throughout childhood,adolescence, and into adulthood.
In our May issue, InTheFray Magazine wouldlike to explore mothers and fathers. Think about your own parents andthe role they’ve played in your life. Think about your role as a motheror father and how you contribute to your own child’s well-being. We’dalso like you to explore the more metaphorical applications of theterms. People often refer to their country, their planet, or their Godas a mother or a father. What do we mean when we say this? We encourageyou to explore this concept thoroughly, in all of its differentmeanings.
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