Monthly archive February, 2009

So many choices, not a right one among ’em

In Bill Bryson's book, In a Sunburned Country, he describes the harsh landscape of Australia's Outback. "It's almost not possible to exaggerate the punishing nature of Australia's interior. It's an environment that wants you dead."

Poetry in motion

On a frightengly cold morning (- 3 with the wind chill) I stepped into the sardine can they call the B train.

Albion, New York

Best of In The Fray 2009. Portrait of a prison town.

This place is a prison

Imprisonment around the world.

On the bricks again

Life outside the prison walls.

The forgotten victims

The forgotten victims

The families of death row inmates.

Craving freedom

Craving freedom

Confessions of a relationship prisoner.

A day in the life of a public defender

Advocating for the indigent in rural Minnesota.

Brother One Cell

Brother One Cell

A look at life behind the bars of a South Korean prison.

The luster of pearl and pico rat traps

Five poems exploring themes of imprisonment.

Those who suffer

I've been acting silly lately. I've spent my time thinking about the people out there who have lost their jobs, their homes, their healthcare, even their health. I've thought about those who sleep in their cars, on relatives' couches, or on park benches. I should've been thinking about the people in this country who are truly suffering: bankers' girlfriends and Brown University students.