Presidential hopeful-senator-supposed environmental advocate Barack Obama proves in this week’s US Magazine that he’s "just like US!" by happily accepting groceries in non-biodegradable plastic bags: 

One of ever green’s very first posts in January 2007 was about the continuing scourge of plastic bags. The very first paragraph could be applied directly to this photo of Senator Obama:

Here’s a familiar scenario. You go to the grocery store, get your items and, at the checkout counter, a bagger puts your items into several plastic bags. The bags are never filled to capacity, sometimes only a few items are put into each bag, and usually the bags are doubled. You then head out of the store with many more bags than you need.

Look closely at the two bags Mr. Obama accepts in the picture…they are barely full. He could have at least only used one bag instead of two.

Evironmental responsibility rests on many things, but it’s really the individual person — as elected officials campaigning surely know about — that can make change for the better.

One would think that for such an important campaign and the environment as a high priority, Senator Obama’s advisors or supporters could have given him a reusable canvas bag for him to shop with.

I looked around and found a nice bag for him to use: 

Mr. Obama may have scored a lifetime League of Conservation Voters score of 96 out of 100 for his first two years in the Senate — but ever green gives him a 0 just from this picture alone.

On the other side, Senator Hillary Clinton has a LCV score of 90 for six years service and her campaign is carbon neutral. Ever green has endorsed her as Democratic presidential nominee.


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