We live in a time when faith can get easily politicized, thrown into an opponent’s lap like a hot potato. But don’t let all of the talk of organized religion fool you. We also live in a time when faith can be tailored to fit an individual’s needs and beliefs.

In this issue of InTheFray, we explore some of faith’s personal, social, and cultural manifestations. Belton-Martell Mickle journeys to Ghana to discover his roots — and the importance of the Diaspora to African development. And ITF activist’s corner editor Anja Tranovich tackles a classic hotspot for belief in her interview with Palestinian-fighter-turned-peace-activist Ashraf Khader. The two discuss Khader’s work with Combatants for Peace, the difficulties of renouncing violence in a land plagued by armed conflict, how inciting violence led him to fight for peace, and his group’s hope for a politics without militarization.

Rounding out this month’s stories, cancer patient Robinette Pelka uncovers the waiting room’s dark underbelly and creates her own rituals for enduring this melancholy space.

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Laura Nathan
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