"This soldier probably pushed Mr. Nagai first. This soldier then seemed to shoot him, judging from the angle of his gun."
Koichi Ito, who previously worked for the special rapid attack squad of the Japanese police, speaking about the death of the Japanese journalist Kenji Nagai.  Mr. Nagai was killed in Burma while filming the protests, led by Buddhist monks, on September 27th. 

Protests — initially led by Buddhist monks who are now being confined to their monasteries after a series of crackdowns — have been demanding democracy and opposing the military junta for almost two weeks. Although the Burmese authorities claimed that Kenji Nagai, 50, a journalist experienced in working in danger zones and who worked for APF News, had been killed in the crossfire, Japan’s Fuji Television released footage in which Mr. Nagai appears to be pushed to the ground by a Burmese soldier and shot in the chest at point blank range. The footage shows Mr. Nagai grasping his camera as he lies dying on the ground as a crowd flees to escape oncoming soldiers.

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