Let me explain. Nothing would make me happier about the future of this country or the world than if Al Gore were to become president. I voted for him in 2000, and I would again in a second. But, as the Time article suggests, a transformation would have to take place. Gore would have to become a politician again. He couldn't be the passionate geek who has earned the respect of the world with what began as a slide show in 1989. He would have advisors, speech writers, analysts, PR people, Naomi friggin' Wolf telling him what colors to wear. He couldn't speak or move freely. He would have stop being Al Gore and start being president. And I like the man who can call our president a drug addict and dilettante without having a crowd of people running to do damage control. I like the unapologetic intellectual who has influence in every country to save our planet.
If Gore were president, he would have to deal with Iraq, and he would fail, at least to a point. It doesn't matter who is elected next, Iraq will damage him or her. At this point, I don't even think God himself could fix it and keep everyone happy. 

If Gore were president, he couldn't focus on global warming. And we need him to focus on that. It's what he does best, and he devotes his entire self to it. No one else, at least no one with the convincing energy and exposure, has or could do that. A president is pulled in every direction by every need — war, health care, poverty, the party, both Houses, the polls, economies, staff, other presidents and prime ministers, allies, and enemies. I have no doubt that Gore could do it, and well. I just think that someone else — Obama, Hilary, Edwards — could also do it well. But no one can do what Al Gore is doing now.
If you disagree, you're not alone, and there are two websites you can visit. DraftGore.com and AlGore.org have petitions to sign to get him to run and much more. If successful in convincing him, you all and Gore have my full support.

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