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When personal and political mesh

Sometimes, you can't separate yourself from the politics.

Babel babble

"Babel" comes from the Hebrew verb "balal," meaning "to confuse, confound." Not surprising, given that's what the film did to me confuse.

“Academy” has a weightier voice

Maybe you can't take the politics out of the movies ...

Anatomy of a homophobe

Here's a fascinating interview with Tim Hardaway, the retired basketball player who said in a radio interview earlier this month that he "hated" gay people.

Senegalese election a potential watershed for democracy in West Africa

Senegalese election a potential watershed for democracy in West Africa

voa_nschwarz_senega_wade_supporter_23feb07.jpgTomorrow's democratic elections in Senegal may mark the last hoorah for octogenarian, reform president Abdoulaye Wade. Wade, who was elected to the presidency in 2000 by a coalition of all the Senegalese people, including Christians, Animists, and Muslims, leads the socialist opposition party known as the Senegalese Democratic Party (PDS).

Marriage and brains

Finally, an article saying that you girls can get yourself hitched, and be happy, even if you gots yourself some book learnin'. Of course, we could also ignore these types of articles, no matter which side they take, and live our lives the way we want anyway. I'm going to take that path. I'll let you know how it works out in about 50 years.

Oscars and Obama

I don't focus on entertainment, but I would just like to say: if Jennifer Hudson does not win tomorrow night, I will never go to the movies again. That's all. Now, Mr. Obama – thank you for finally having the balls to say such things. At this point, you have my vote.

First Bronx River beaver sighted in 200 years

First Bronx River beaver sighted in 200 years

The most exciting news about New York City environmental conservation is the report of a wild beaver seen building a nest in the former toxic waste dump of the Bronx River.

Jailed for blogging in Egypt

Despite the fact that Egypt is scheduled to host a forum in 2009 on the topic of Internet governance, Egypt today put a blogger behind bars for four years after he was convicted of insulting Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s seemingly eternal president, and insulting Islam.

The Boiling Point

The Boiling Point

Mikhaela_icon.jpgPotentially life-saving vaccine, schmaccine!

Because she can

I've reviewed many terrible books before, but Bridie Clark's Because She Can is right on top of that pile. The title is fitting — this book was only published because Clark could.

150 years after Dred Scott, lessons from slavery

150 years after Dred Scott, lessons from slavery

March 2007 marks the 150th anniversary of the Supreme Court's momentous and divisive Dred Scott decision, which denied full American citizenship to African Americans and gave legal sanction to a racial hierarchy that would undermine the most basic principles of American justice to the present day.